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2014 - Follow the Star
Dec 5, 6, 7 and 12, 13, 14
Doors open
Fridays 5:30 pm - Saturdays and Sundays 4:30 pm
Free Outdoor Live Nativity and Indoor Holiday Musical Event

Follow the Star
Gladstone Park Conference Center
19500 Oatfield Rd., Gladstone, Oregon

"Follow the Star” is a 45 minute walking tour of seven outdoor live action scenes that tell the story of the search for the Christ child. Upon arrival at the auditorium, you will receive a free ticket and be invited to wait indoors where you will enjoy holiday music performed by local artists while waiting for your tour. Hosted tour groups of 25-30 persons leave approximately every 8 minutes.

You should come dressed for the outdoor winter weather. Walking paths are paved. Walkers are not permitted on the route. Those needing them will offered the use of a wheelchair. (Wheelchairs are available at the event).

In case of Severe Weather

In case of severe weather, entire or part of the evening’s event could be cancelled. Check the Follow the Star Facebook page for the latest information.
New Online Ticketing Procedures

Thousands of guests attend our event each year. To accommodate the ever-increasing crowds, please note that new ticketing procedures are in use this year.

You may now reserve online tickets to this event in advance instead of waiting in a long line.

Tickets are available for individuals and for groups with  a minimum of 10 members and no more than 30.

A few tickets will still be available at the door, but be aware that gates close at 8:30, or when the evening's capacity is reached.

To reserve individual or group tickets and view necessary information,  click on "Tickets" in the main  menu.

Important Instructions for any Group Reservations

Special Group Reservations can be made for 10 to 30 people.

Group tickets are available only until November 30.

Please Note:
Any individual or group that reserves a combination of more than 12 tickets must confirm that they actually will be using every reserved ticket at least 24 hours and not more than 3 days from the time of their tickets.

To confirm, click on “Group Confirm” in the above menu and fill in and send in the form that comes up. Failure to make this confirmation may cancel all your reservations.

How to Contact Follow the Star

Please read carefully the instructions on this site and on the ticket reservations sites. The only tickets available are those that may be reserved online here or those available at the door on the nights of the performances.

Up-to-date perforamnce or ticket information is available on the Follow the Star Facebook page.

You may email FollowTheStarInfo@Gmail.combut we cannot assure a quick answer.